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Vector Construction and Modifications


Fragments such as promoter, enhancer, terminator, secretion leader, IRES, N and C terminal tags, resistance genes, selection markers, and fluorescence protein genes can all be cloned and modified for a shuttle or expression vector.

Lambda based (attB, attP, attL and attR) custom recombination entry and expression vectors can be constructed upon request. This could include vectors capable of doing multiple fragments swaps and exchanges.

Recombinase or ligase linked vector can be custom made for high throughput cloning purpose. We use novel topoisomerase (Shope Fibroma Isomerase) linked vector for directionally cloning of gene of interest.

Customer provides:

Glycerol stocks or DNA

Annotated plasmid map and sequence file

Service includes:

DNA purification with resin based technology

Vector construction and modifications

Sequencing confirmation of constructs

Digestion of DNA to confirm identity of the constructs


2-4 weeks


DNA or glycerol stocks together with a detailed report

Estimated Prices:

Cat # EZ 500: $1000 per modification

Contact Information

For lambda based and ligase linked vector construction services and detailed information, please call us as 858 882 7701 for application feasibility analysis, factors involved, estimated price and timeline. Or please send your inquires to EZ Services at



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