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Nucleic Acid Purification


We offer services in total RNA isolation, mRNA isolation, cDNA synthesis, plasmid mini preps (1 ml), plasmid maxi preps (100 ml) and plasmid giga preps (1000 ml). In addition, we also offer isolation and purification of BAC and PAC plasmid DNA.

We use TRIzol or RNA-proven based technology to isolate RNA. We use oligo(dT)-based magnetic bead or other mRNA technology for mRNA isolation.

The Plasmid DNA isolation uses an anion-exchange resin to purify plasmid DNA to a level equivalent to two passes through CsCl gradients. It can be used for transfection of mammalian cells and in vitro transcription

Customer provides:

For RNA isolation, we need frozen tissue, or cells as starting materials

For DNA isolation, we can start with glycerol stock or DNA sample

Service includes:

Use of TRIzol to isolate total RNA

mRNA purification with magnetic bead

Run a gel to confirm the quality of RNA

DNA purification with resin based technology

Measurement of DNA with A260/A280

Digestion of DNA to confirm identity of purified DNA free of RNA contamination

Timeline: 2-3 weeks


Purified DNA or RNA together with a detailed report


Estimated Prices:

Cat # EZ 100-1:  Total RNA isolation, mRNA isolation, cDNA synthesis, $500 each

Cat # EZ 100-2:  DNA mini preps $3 each

Cat # EZ 100-3:  DNA maxi preps $100 each

Cat # EZ 100-4:  DNA giga preps $300 each

Cat # EZ 100-5:  BAC and PAC DNA Purification at 1000 ml scale, $400

Contact Information

For detailed information on Services, please send your inquires to EZ Services at or call us directly at 858 882 7701 for a feasibility discussion and quotes.



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