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Antibody Cloning For Cell Line Generation


We have experience in cloning human and mouse monoclonal antibodies for expression in mammalian cells. We use CMV driven mammalian expression vectors for high-level heavy and light chain expression. The benefit of the method eliminates the need for mouse sacrifice and animal handling. It provides a high throughput production method using stably integrated, antibody producing mammalian cells.

Customer provides:

Monoclonal antibody producing hybridoma cells (>108)

Service includes:

Total RNA isolation

mRNA isolation

cDNA synthesis

Heavy and light chain variable region cloning

Assembly full length heavy and light chain with secretion leader sequence and constant region

Heavy and light chain cloning

Sequence confirmation of constructs

Digestion of plasmid DNA to confirm identity of the constructs


5-8 weeks


Glycerol stocks for heavy and light chain expression constructs together with a detailed report.

Estimated Prices:

Estimated price (Cat # EZ 600): $8000 per antibody cell line

Contact Information

For feasibility and price breakdown and other detailed information, please call us as 858 882 7701, or please send your inquires to EZ Services at



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