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We have experiences in other service areas: yeast 2 hybrid screening, stable cell line generation, cDNA library construction, Lenti viral vector construction and infectious virus generation, cell-free in vitro transcription and translation, membrane protein cloning and expression including in vitro expression with a nanolipoprotein particle or NLP, and more convention molecular cloning techniques and applications. However, as a small company, we feel we are overwhelmed with products and services at the moment. If you feel interested or having issues with other service providers, we will be happy to talk with you. We can evaluate the project on a case-by-case basis.

Note: for vectors that may have IP protection, please obtain permission for modification from relevant parties before committing to services.

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For detailed information on Services, please send your inquires to EZ Services at EZServices@charmbiotech.com or call us directly at 858 882 7701 for a feasibility discussion and quotes.



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