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Nucleic Acid Purification Contract Research/Product Service


* Do you have special samples need to be treated for maximum nucleic acid isolation and purification?

* Do you want special protocol and procedure to fit your overall experimental needs?

* Do you have dilemma as current existing kits from other provides can not meet your requirement?

Our team have the strong knowledge and experiences with great interest and capability to develop solutions for nucleic acid purification on customer specific demands. You name it, we customizely design for you. We can develop kits and modified the procedures exclusively to meet your special needs and requirements. You can choose your preferred technologies, such as silica-based membrane, magnetic beads, solid surface immobilization and Just-a-plate technologies. Please contact us for detail.

Customer provides:

Target samples you like to purify

Your experimental procedure requirement

Service includes:

Development of special protocol exclusively fit for your experiments

Developments of special purification kits exclusively  for your sample isolations


4-8 weeks


Special protocol exclusively fit your experiments

Customized purification kits for your isolations


Estimated Prices:

Please call or email us for estimation.

Contact Information

For detailed information on Services, please send your inquires to EZ Services at or call us directly at 858 882 7701 for a feasibility discussion and quotes.



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