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Solid Surface Reverse Binding (SSRB) Technology

Charm-Mutator Random Mutagenesis Technology

  • Charm-Mutator Random Mutagenesis Technology is in the pre-commercial development stage for protein engineering. The technology can control mutation rate at will  from less than 1% to over 30% mutation frequency in a random or a controlled format from any species DNA. The protein encoded by the DNA can be expressed in any protein expression or display system, such as E.Coli, yeast, insect or animal cell expression system, or be displayed on a phage, bacterium or yeast, or other molecules such as mRNAs or ribosomes. The modified protein containing from 70% to 99% or more sequence identity to the original protein or wild-type protein can be achieved in an easy controllable procedure. Commercialization of this promising technology will allow the company to expand to many major markets such as industrial enzyme development, protease therapy, clean biotechnology, biofuel alternative technology, waste management, animal livestock improvement.

  • Application: Protein engineering, molecular evolution, species improvement and other biotechnologies involving nucleic acids.

  • For further information, please contact Charm Biotech business development at 858-205-4259.

Charm-EZ Linear Transcriptional Amplification

  • Charm-EZ Linear Transcriptional Amplification Technology is a cRNA amplification technology which is in the pre-commercial development stage. The technology can amplify input RNAs proportionally from a limited resource, which allowing the amplified RNA has the same ratio as the input RNAs among the all RNA transcript. This can overcome conventional exponential amplification defects, that is preferentially amplify high quantity transcripts over low transcript, eventually lose the low transcript signal.

  • Application: Sample preparation for microarray analysis when input sample is limited.

  • For collaboration and further information, please contact business development at 858-205-4259.

Charm-Inspector Quantitative PCR

  • As all conventional qPCR, such as Taqman qPCR assay, is not really feasible to detect the quantity difference of input samples less than one fold as Ct value less than one is easy to contribute to normal experimental variation. But a lot of gene expression level has less than 90% difference before and after stimulant in the experiment. Even such low level expression difference can transfer dramatic effect in the cell through signal amplification system in the cell. To detect the small expression difference of a gene, such as 20 %, or 40%, becomes more important in current transcriptome studies as only hard targets left while easy targets have been explored already. Charm-Inspector Quantitative PCR can quantify the sample quantity difference of less than 10 % in the initial sample input, making it is an ideal method to quantify gene expression even with less than 10% difference.

  • Application: Gene expression quantitative analysis; Infectious pathogen detection and quantification; Single cell expression profiling; Gene copy number variation determination.

  • For collaboration and further information, please contact business development at 858-205-4259.


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