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Charm Biotech offers a broad range of products for high throughput applications, which aredeveloped for the highly efficient and reliable extraction of plasmid DNA, PCR products, genomic DNA, mRNA, total RNA and microRNA from a wide range of starting materials. These products use Charm Biotech’s Solid Surface Reversible Binding (SSRB) based purification technologies allowing the binding of nucleic acids to 96-well microtiter plate surface, membrane surface and regular tubes. The novel Just-a-Plate kits provide automation friendly procedure with unique benefits over silica membrane or magnetic bead based conventional systems.

Just-a-Plate Products for High Throughput Sample Preparation

  • No column, silica membrane, magnetic beads or binding resins are needed. All you need is Just-a-Plate
  • Novel SSRB technology provides maximum sample recovery with high-quality nucleic acids
  • Best for screening purpose with limited sample resources
  • No sample trapping in the filter plate, No solvents or beads contamination in the final sample
  • The format and procedure in each protocol are convenient for automation or semi-automation. The kits are also suitable for labs without any automation toys
  • No vacuum or magnetic force is required in the procedure. Streamlined procedure prevents sample cross-contamination

Novel Solutions for FFPE Samples

  • Novel method to remove sample modification caused by the fixation process
  • Provide longer RNA transcript, longer PCR template than conventional methods
  • Easy procedure and minimum hands-on time for high thoughput sample extraction
  • Convenient and suitable for automatic and manual sample preparation

Unique Products for Laser Captured Microdissected (LCM) Samples

  • Novel technology provides maximum sample recovery
  • Fast and easy procedure for LCM sample RNA and DNA extraction
  • No sample trapping in the filter plate or between beads as in the conventional method
  • Suitable for scarce sample resource such as only one or tens cells available as starting
  • Sample collection, extraction, purification, amplification and analysis all in the same tube

New Ways for MicroRNA and siRNA Research

  • Easy and fast method with minimum hands-on time for microRNA purification
  • Broad and sensitive linear dynamic range between sample input and detection signal
  • Extremely convenient tools good for both automation and manual manipulation
  • Efficient and reliable screening method to deal with heavy loads of samples

Reliable Tools for Virus DNA/RNA Isolation and Quantification

  • Reliable and sensitive purification and detection of virus RNA/DNA from any cell-free body fluid for as low as single RNA virus
  • Easy and fast protocol with minimum hands-on time and maximum recovery efficiency
  • No vacuum and carrier RNA required  as in the conventional silica membrane technology
  • Minimum cross contamination as sample extraction and detection in the same plate without transfer

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