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Charm Biotech is an unique provider for comprehensive products and services for nucleic acid sample collection, preservation and purifcation. Charm Biotech develops, manufactures and markets sample collection and preservation device and reagents, nucleic acid extraction kits and detection systems for use in molecular diagnostics, drug discovery, forensics research, clinical and life sciences markets. Charm Biotech provides unique solution and specializes in following areas for products and services:

  • Sample Collection and Preservation
  • Nulceic Acid Sample Isolation, Purification and Enrichment
  • RNA and DNA Amplification and Detection
  • Molecular Diagnosis
  • Molecular Evolution

Most of the technologies and products provided by Charm Biotech are unique in terms of its principle, procedure, sample quality, final yield and consistency. The uniqueness provides convenient and reliable alternative solutions to help you solve ongoing research problems which you can not get from other suppliers. If you have problems which can not be solved with regular products in your lab, Why not have a try with the unique alternatives provided by Charm Biotech? Please contact us for more information!


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