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Product Selection Guide:

 Developed with our propritary novel Solid Surface Reversible Binding (SSRB) purification technologies,  Charm Biotech offers a broad range of products from a wide range of starting materials. Based on  your preferred working procedure, purification scale, final yield, we have the following product line:

 (1) Just-a-Plate products:

 Purification format:  (A) 96-well Microplate (0.2 ml per well, as PCR plate)

                                (B) 96-well Deep Well Plate (2.0 ml per well)

 Key features: Purify 96 samples at a time. Good for high-throughput and large scale purification with high  recovery efficiency

 (2)Just-a-Tube products:

 Purification format: (A) Individual microtube (size :0.2 ml, 2 ml, and 5 ml)

                              (B) Individual tube stripe, such as PCR tube stripe ( 8 tube strip and 12 tube strip)

 Key features: Purify samples indiviually with easy and fast procedure with high recovery efficiency.

Sample sources: Buccal Cells, Animal tissues, PCR-STR samples

 (3) Charm-Pure products:

 Purification format: (A) Individual Spin Column with modified silica membrane

                              (B) 96-well Plate with modified silica membrane

 Key features: Purify samples with  traditioal spin-column procedure.

Samples sources: Blood, Tissues and Cells

 (4) Charm-EZ products:

 Purification format: (A) 96 well microplate

                              (B) Individual tube or tube stripe

 Key features: Extermely easy procedure, Just add sample and inubate for a certain time and you will get  purified DNA or RNA. No vacuum, centrifugation or magnetic force is required in the procedure. Good  for quick screening downstream applications, such as PCR, RT-PCR, SNP and gene expression analysis

 (5) Product for forensic STR analysis.

Purification Format: Individual PCR tube.

Key features: Decrease primer peak signals, Increase STR specific signal in the CE profile. Do both PCR-STR reation and purification in  the same PCR tube.

  (6) Product for biofuel and industial enzymes

 Charm Biotech has in-depth knowledge in these key areas of biomass degradation. We specialized in enzyme engineering, strain construction and optimization. We welcome collaborations and business development as this is new and evolving field.

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