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Charm-Pure Blood Genomic DNA Isolation Kit


The Charm-Pure Blood gDNA Isolation Kit is designed and optimized for easy and fast isolation of high-quality gDNA and viral DNA (e.g. HBV) from human whole  blood, serum, plasma, or other body fluids.Charm-Pure system employs special turbo-binding membranes as selective nucleic acid captures in a spin column format to efficiently extract gDNA from blood with higher yield and purity than conventional silica membrane. Genomic DNA molecules can specifically interact with the turbo-binding membrane in the extraction buffer, while proteins and other contaminants are not bound and remain in the solution and passed through. After washing the column with washing buffer to remove unbound material, the purified gDNA can be easily eluted in 10 mM Tris Elution Buffer or water. and be used directly in downstream applications, such as restriction digestion, primer extension, PCR, whole genome amplification (WGA) and other genomic analysis. To purify pure viral DNA without cellular DNA, we recommend usage of cell-free sample (serum or plasma) as viral DNA copurified with cellular DNA. 

Feature Highlight

  • Fast  and easy to perform: . Using easy-spin column in a streamlined protocol with less than 15 min to isolate gDNA from whole blood. 
  • High yield and quality: Consistent turbo-binding membrane super capturing capacity provides high yield of gDNA with demonstrated improved downstream performance in applications such as PCR, enzyme digestion and southern blotting.
  • Technical data: Process 50 ul to 200 ul body fluid  and about  4-7 ug gDNA can be extracted based on the sample types.

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