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Just-a-Tube  Size-Selected DNA Fragment Purification for NGS Kit


What the kit can do:  This kit is designed and optimized for simple and fast purification and selection of particular sized PCR fragment for NGS

(1) Efficient size-selected DNA fragment library isolation;   

(2) Remove Primers, Nucleotides, Primer Dimers, NGS adapters,Short and Failure PCR fragment and DNA templates;

(3) Concentrate PCR products;

(4) Used for DNA fragment library size-selection and concentration after DNA normalization, in next generation sequencing (NGS) workflows

Why you should use the kit: This new SSRB technology can overcome other size-selection DNA fragment purification methods such as spin column, magnetic bead or fitration tip in the DNA purification market with

(1) High Product Recovery Efficiency (over 80% product recovery efficiency while other methods have less than 60% product recovery efficiency):  If you don't want to lose your PCR product during purification process, then you should use a technology with a high product recovery efficiency.

(2) Most cost efficiency (the lowest price to purify a PCR sample): If you find any commercial PCR purification kit has a lower price, we guarantee you that we will beat the any competitor's price with a further 15% off any competitor's price

(3) Highest Purity: The kit can remove primers, nucleotides and primer and adaptor dimers with 99.99% efficiency  

(4) Fast and easy to perform: Save your time and reduce your efforts!

How the kit works:  Please see How Size-Selection DNA Fragment Purification Works.

Feature Highlight

  • Fast to perform: It only takes less than 30 minutes of overall time to PCR fragment liabrary for NGS.
  • Easy to handle:  Regualr 2 ML tube coated with Turbo-Binder is easy to use with any bench-top centrifuge. You also don't need special equipment, such as magnetic device or vacuum.
  • Easy to control the selected size range: Whether a small size range ( such as 400 bps - 600 bps) or a large size range ( 300 bps -1500 bps) DNA fragments, a specific size range DNA fragment can be isolated by adjusting the binding buffer volume easily.
  • Reliable quality: Unique SSRB technology provides consistent tube-to-tube performance of high yield (recovery ) of PCR DNA with high quality.

Kit Specifications:

  • Starting Material: 100 - 500 ul DNA product (10 ng - 30 ug dsDNA PCR products)
  • Elution Volume: 20 ul - 100 ul ( you also can concentrate your PCR product with less elution volume if you want to get higher concentration for downstream applications)
  • Separation Range:  Purified any DNA fragment size range within 200 bps - 1500 bps from short PCR products, template, dimer, adapter and primers.

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Note: Individual kit components can be purchased separately, Please call for details.