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Just-a-Tube?/span>   Multiplex PCR-STR Reaction Clean-Up Kit


Why you need to use this kit:  When your forensic samples are degraded and your STR analysis can not generate reliable signal peaks by CE.

What the kit can do for you: The kit is designed to remove STR primers and to reduce primer peaks and to increase specific signal peaks in the CE STR profile. After purifucation of your PCR -STR reaction with this kit, your previous samples with unreadable CE profile can generate  meaningful and reliable specific signal peaks with CE analysis.

How the kit can accomplish this:  Based on charm biotech developed Solid Surface Reversible Binding (SSRB) technology, Just-a-Tube system employs the solid surface coated with proprietary turbo-binders as selective nucleic acid capturers to efficiently and specificly bind STR DNA fragment from PCR reaction mixture while proteins, dNTP and primers are not bound and can be removed easily with washing buffer. This process is not simply concentrating the sample as other competitiors' kits do, but increases the specific signal in your CE profile.

Feature Highlight

  • Fast to perform: It takes less than 10 minutes of overall time to purify your PCR STR samples after doing your multiplex PCR STR reaction.
  • Easy to handle:  PCR STR reaction and purification process can be performed in the same tube we provide. So you do not have to transfer your sample from reaction tube to another purification devise ( such as purification silica column). This feature can reduce your sample contamination problem and human error.
  • Reliable quality: Consistent tube-to-tube performance, reliable cross-contamination prevention procedure and unique solid-surface capture technology provide consistent STR profile with CE analysis.
  • Cost Effective: Novel technology and procedure provides easy, fast and high quality DNA sample at a extremely cost-effective price comparing with other similar kits on the market.

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50 sample purifications



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Sample Kit (10 Preps)



Note: Individual kit components can be purchased separately, Please call for details.



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