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We offer site-directed and random mutagenesis services.

For site-directed mutagenesis, we can offer mutation in anywhere with any format: deletion, insertion, and substitution. For deletion mutation, we can handle any length in any area.

For random DNA mutagenesis, we can introduce random mutations to the gene supplied by a customer. Mutated DNA will be then cloned into a vector of choice to obtain a library of the mutated DNA.

Mutation frequency can be set to a desired value within 1-16 mutations per kb

Number of clones: 106

Mutations can be restricted to a desired region of a gene

Customer provides:

Glycerol stocks or DNA

Annotated plasmid map and sequence file

Instructions on desired mutation frequency and number of clones

Service includes:

Point mutations

Random DNA mutagenesis

Cloning of the mutations library into a vector of choice


3-5 weeks


A detailed report with mutation library characteristics and sequence data for 10 randomly selected clones

E. coli stock containing a mixture of clones with unique random mutations

Estimated Prices:

Cat # EZ 700: Site-directed mutagenesis: $500 per mutation

Cat # EZ 800: Random mutagenesis: $3500 per service

Contact Information

For detailed information on Services, please send your inquires to EZ Services at or call us directly at 858 882 7701 for a feasibility discussion and quotes.



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