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Just-a-Plate 96 Clone-Screen Kit


The Just-a-Plate96 Clone-Screen Kit is designed and optimized for simple, fast and high-throughput extraction of plasmid DNA for screening recombinant bacterial colonies for the presence of target plasmid DNA. Up to 96 DNA samples can be simultaneously extracted directly from bacterial colonies in a 96-well microplate format in less than 20 minutes. No spin-column, filter plate, silica membrane or magnetic beads are needed for the isolation and no vacuum and filtration are required in the process.  Based on charm biotech developed Solid Surface Reversible Binding (SSRB) technology (patent pending), Just-a-plate system employs the solid 96-well plate surface coated with proprietary turbo-binders as selective nucleic acid capturers to efficiently extract plasmid DNA from bacteria colonies. Plasmid DNA molecules can specifically interact with the turbo binder in the extraction buffer, while proteins and other contaminants are not bound and remain in the solution. After washing the plate with washing buffer to remove unbound material, the purified Plasmid DNA can be either analysized directly in the binding plate without elution step or easily eluted in 10 mM Tris Elution Buffer or water. Without using vacuum, the unique centrifugation-based procedure of the Just-a-plate 96 Plasmid Purification kit reduced opportunities for cross-contamination between wells. The plate used in the kit is compatible with a variety of automated liquid handler, centrifuges robots, pipetting devices and PCR cyclers. The isolated ready-to-use plasmid DNA is ideal for quick screening of colonies for correct inserts in cloning and mutagenesis research using restriction enzyme digestion or colony PCR method. The Just-a-plate 96 Clone-Screen system is the first and only product in the field providing a convenient platform for plasmid isolation directly from colonies, and plasmid analysis all in the same plate without sample transfer.


Feature Highlight

  • Fast to perform: It takes less than 20 minutes of to purify 96 plasmid samples after picking colonies. No tedious vacuum “ drying” process as being used for 96-well plates with membrane.
  • Easy to handle:  All procedures have been optimized with standard 96-well plates for ease-of-use. Elimination of sample elution makes purification procedure and plasmid screening analysis very easy to perform. No vacuum or magnetic force needed.
  • Reliable quality: Consistent well-to-well performance, reliable cross-contamination prevention procedure and unique solid-surface capture technology provide maximum recovery and consistent yield at high DNA quality without gDNA contamination or other PCR inhibitors
  • Cost Effective: Novel technology and procedure provides easy, fast and high quality DNA sample at an extremely cost-effective price.

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