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Just-a-Plate Charm-EZ 96 mRNA Isolation Kit


The Just-a-PlateCharm-EZ 96 mRNA Isolation Kit  is an super-easy, fast and high-throughput system to isolate high-quality mRNA directly from animal tissues and cultured cells,  without the requirement of prior purification of total RNA. Efficient and specific capture of cellular poly(A)+ RNA is processed easily by hybridization with Oligo dT coated on the surface of microplates. No spin-column, silica membrane or magnetic beads are needed and no vacuum and centrifugation are required in the whole procedure. The 96-well format and no-spin/vacuum procedure are convenient for automation. It takes less than two hour to isolate mRNA for 96 samples directly from cells and tissues.  The purified mRNA are ready for your downstream applications, such as qRT-PCR for individual mRNA quantification, The system is a convenient platform for mRNA isolation, reverse transcription (RT) and RT-PCR all in the same plate, providing quantitative gene expression analysis with linear range from 106 cell down to 1 cell with highly reproducible results.


Feature Highlight

  • Fast to perform: It only takes 90 minutes of overall time to purify 96 mRNA samples. No long and tedious air “ drying” process as being used for 96-well plates with membrane or oligo-dT magnetic bead.
  • Easy to handle:  All procedures have been optimized with a single standard 96-well plate without transferring between different plates or tubes. Elimination of centrifugation, vacuum and magnetic forces makes whole procedure very easy to perform and extremely convenient for automation.
  • Reliable quality: Consistent well-to-well and plate-to-plate performance, reliable cross-contamination prevention procedure and unique solid-surface capture technology ensure high reproducibility and consistent yield of mRNA at high quality.
  • High sensitivity and linearity with great reproducibility:  Extraction and Detection of mRNA are both sensitive and linear in the range from 106 cells/well down to 1 cell/well using the Just-a-Plate Charm-EZ 96 mRNA isolation system

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