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Just-a-Plate 96 DNA Sequencing Reaction Clean-Up Kit


The Just-a-Plate 96 DNA Sequencing Reaction Clean-Up Kit is designed and optimized for simple, fast and high-throughput purification of DNA sequencing products. Up to 96 DNA samples can be simultaneously purified in a 96-well microplate format in less than 20 minutes. No spin-column, filter plate, silica membrane or magnetic beads are needed for the purification and no vacuum and filtration steps are required in the process. Based on Charm Biotech developed Solid Surface Reversible Binding (SSRB) technology, the Just-a-Plate system utilizes a 96-well plate with its surface coated with proprietary turbo-binders acting to selectively capture and to efficiently bind DNA fragments from sequencing reaction mixtures. After doing sequencing reaction in the Binding Plate, the DNA sequencing fragments will specifically interact with the turbo binders and bind to the surface of the wells in the presence of binding buffer, while primers, fluorescent dyes, nucleotides and other contaminants will remain in the solution. After washing the plate to remove unbound material, the purified DNA sequencing products can easily be eluted in formamide loading buffer and be analyzed directly with a sequencer, offering superior data quality and read length

Feature Highlight

  • Fast to perform: It takes less than 20 minutes of hands-on time to purify 96 DNA sequencing products. No tedious vacuum drying process as is being used for 96-well plates with silica membrane or magnetic bead, is required.
  • Easy to handle:  All procedures have been optimized with standard 96-well PCR plates for ease-of-use. The major successive steps in the DNA sequencing workflow can be performed in the same plate, e.g. DNA sequencing reaction, sequencing reaction clean-up, product elution, and DNA sample injection on a sequencer, without a need for sample transfer. By contrast, multiple steps of sample transfer between different plates are required when performing the same work with 96-well silica-membrane or size-exclusion membrane plate. Since no membrane is needed for DNA binding or DNA size exclusion in the purification process, multiple steps of filtration in the sample binding/exclusion and washing steps associated with conventional membrane methods are eliminated, which makes the whole procedure very easy to perform.
  • Reliable quality: Consistent well-to-well and plate-to-plate performance, reliable cross-contamination prevention procedure and unique solid-surface capture technology ensure high reproducibility, efficient removal of residual dye blobs and reliable reading of DNA fragment size of greater than 40 bases.
  • Enhanced Stability: Samples purified with a Just-a-Plate kit are stable for more than a week at room temperature. This is ideal for long-term storage/transportation between different labs.

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