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Charm-EZ Nucleic Acid Isolation:

Extremely Easy Procedure

No Vacuum, No Spinning and No Magnectic Device are required in the procedure

Just add your sample, incubate for a short time, wash the sample and you get the purified DNA or RNA

High quality of DNA/RNA. No inhibitors in the purified samples for the downstream applications, such as PCR, RT-PCR, SNP or gene expression analysis!

When you want to purify DNA/RNA with the easiest procedure in today's purification market, Our  Charm-EZ nucleic acid isolation kits are your choice. Developed with our propritary novel Solid Surface  ReversibleBinding (SSRB) purification technologies, Charm-EZ kits can purify DNA and RNA from  animal tissues, cultured cells and blood  without using centrifugation or vacuum procedure or magnetic  device. All you need to do is simply mixing your sample with lysis/binding buffer and incubating for a  short time and you will get purified DNA/RNA after a quick washing step. The purifed DNA/RNA is ideal  for quick screening downstream applications, such as PCR, RT-PCR, SNP and gene expression analysis

  For DNA Isolation

  (1) Just-a-Plate/Just-a-Tube Charm-EZ gDNA Isolation Kit:

  (2) Just-a-Plate PCR Purificaton and Normalization  Kit

 For RNA Isolation

  (1)Just-a-Plate Charm-EZ 96 mRNA Isolation Kit

  (2) Just-a-Plate Charm-EZ 96 MicroRNA/Total RNA Isolation Kit :


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