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Charm-Pure  EZ-Spin Column for DNA/RNA Isolation


The Charm-Pure EZ-Spin Column for DNA/RNA Isolation is used for easy and rapid preparation of highly pure DNA and RNA with spin or vacuum format. The column features a durable polypropylene construction with a unique silica membrane that provides purification of up to 40 ug DNA or RNA in 50-100 ul eluate. The column can hold 800 ul volume and is attached with a lid for easy capping and completed with a 2 ml collection tube for easy processing. It is extremely economic and tremendous saving for labs who would like to provide their own reagents for plasmid mini-prep, DNA gel extraction, PCR purification or other DNA and RNA purification using conventional silica-based spin column purification technology.( We can provide certain protocols and buffer recipes for your purification, please call for detail). The isolated nucleic acids are good for use in all downstream molecular applications, such as restriction enzyme digestion, SNP analysis, reverse transcription, PCR, qRT-PCR, DNA methylation analysis and  automated sequencing reactions.

Feature Highlight

  • Fast to perform: No It can be used as all other commercial kit with a fast 30 sec- 60 sec short spin time for each buffer exchange and sample elution.
  • Easy to handle:  As all commercial kit with spin column, no special equipment or procedure is required. Just using simple spin or vacuum process based on your preference.
  • Reliable quality:  Strict product control process to ensure high quality and consistent spin columns.

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