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Charm-Boost Saliva Direct PCR Kit


What the product can do:  (1) Robust PCR amplification of saliva human gDNA directly without gDNA purification from saliva first;   (2) PCR amplification of  up to 12 KB genomic target with much better efficiency ; (3) PCR amplification of tough DNA templates which are difficult to amplifiled with regular PCR kits.

Why you should use the product:

(1) This world-first Saliva Direct PCR kit can save your time to amplify your saliva human gDNA and get assay results fast, because you don't need to isolate gDNA from saliva first. You just only need to add Charm-Protect saliva.

(2) Convenient ready-to-use 2X PCR Mix, Ideal for everyday PCR. Room temperature reaction set-up, automatic hot start PCR. High sensitivity, high specificity, and extremely high yield.

(3) Special formulated 2X PCR mix can amplify tough hard-to-amplify DNA template. If you have DNA template which is difficult to amplify, you should try this special formulated mix.  

What is the Charm-Boost Saliva Direct PCR kit:  

Charm-Boost Hot Start PCR Mix is a ready-to-use reaction special formulated cocktail for PCR amplification of up to 12 kb. It is a 2X concentrated formulation that contains all necessary components including Charm-Boost Taq DNA polymerase, ant-Taq antibodies, magnesium, and dNTPs, with the exceptions of primers and template. Sufficient reagents are provided for 100, 500, or 2500 PCR amplification reactions of 25 microliter reaction volume each.

Charm Hot Start PCR Mix is an antibody based hot start system that allows for convenient room temperature reaction set-up and reduces PCR optimization effort and contamination risk.You just only need to add Charm-Protect saliva.

Feature Highlight

  • Amplify saliva DNA directly: You don't need to isolate human gDNA from saliva first before PCR reaction.
  • High sensitivity, high specificity, and extremely high yield: 
  • Convenient 2X Mix and hot start DNA polymerase: Good for daily PCR works and room temperature to set up PCR reaction.
  • Direct saliva DNA PCR amplification without saliva gDNA purification:  You

Kit Specifications:

  • Charm Hot Start PCR Mix is stable for two years when stored at -20 C. It may be stored at 4  C to avoid the necessity of repeated thawing of the mix before assembling the PCR. No detectable reduction of PCR performance was observed after storage for 12 months at 4  C. Repeated freeze-thaw cycles do not impair PCR performance.
  • For each 25 ul Saliva Direct PCR reaction, 1 ul of Charm Protect saliva is needed for direct PCR amplification.
  • Six fold less error rate than regualr Taq DNA Polymerase.

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1.25 ML (100 rxns)



1.25 ML X 5 (500 rxns)



1.25 ML X 25  (2500 rxns)



Note: For each Saliva Direct PCR includes: 12.5 ul 2X PCR mix for each 25 ul PCR rxns



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