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Charm-Protect  Oral Swab  DNA Preservation Solution


The Charm-Protect Oral Swab DNA Preservation Solution is designed and optimized for convenient and immediate stabilization of oral swab DNA sample for easy collection, transportation and storage at room temperature. The aqueous preservation solution rapidly protects and stabilizes oral swab DNA sample when mixed the solution with the oral swab sample to be preserved promptly. The use of Charm-Protect Oral Swab DNA Preservation Solution provides an efficient streamline workflow from oral swab sample collection in the field to sample processing in the laboratory. High-quality genomic DNA can be easily isolated from samples stored in the preservation solution for three years with Charm Biotech Just-a-Plate or Just-a-Tube Oral Swab DNA Isolation kits. The oral swab preservation solution is also compatible with most common DNA isolation methods. So you can choose DNA isolation methods you preferred. The purified DNA from Charm-Protect Oral Swab Preservation Solution can be used in a number of downstream applications requiring high-quality gDNA such as PCR, qPCR, NGS, SNP analysis, sequencing, microarray, southern blot, RFLP and DNA methylation studies.

Feature Highlight

  • Easy to handle:  Just add 0.2 ML -0.5 ML volume of preservation solution to the oral swab sample in a microtube (based on the size of oral swab).  Idea for field collection and shipping at ambient temperature
  • Maximum protection and stabilization: DNA isolated from oral swab sample stored in Charm-Protect preservation solution at room temperature for three years is fully intact as fresh oral swab sample with no sign of degradation. Long-range PCR and real-time PCR show consistent results in terms of DNA yield and DNA size from samples preserved and stored at room temperature and samples stored at -20 C or fresh samples.
  • Technical data:  The expected yield is 0.2 - 2.5 mg of gDNA from one preserved oral swab. The actual yield of DNA will varied depending on individual donor status. Oral DNA sample can be stored in the Charm-Protect Oral  Swab Preservation  Solution at ambient temperature for at least three years  without any detectable degradation.

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Note: Please check our Just-a-Plate and Just-a-Tube Saliva DNA Isolation Kit for quick and easy purification of high-quality gDNA from saliva sample.



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