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Turbo-Pulse Magnetic Therapy Massager


  • This turbo portable magnetic massagers, which have both massager and electro-acupuncture function. is a great gift for personal care. It relaxes aching muscles, relieves tension, and enhances your skin's absorption of nutrients, assists in body shaping & fat reduction. The turbo point massager is equipped with a powerful vibrator motor and a magnetic head point that stimulates blood circulation to the targeted area.Turbo-Pulse electro-acupuncture can innervate body's special pressure point for relieving symptoms and improve health. It is cordless, portable, and fits in pocket, purse, gym bag, briefcase, and deal for gym, home or office or travel. It makes a great gift! Surprise a loved one or the senior citizen in your family with this turbo magnetic massager! Requires Two AA Batteries (Included in Package).
  • Retail Value: $24.99, As a free gift for you for a limited time when purchase any products here.

DNA Marker


  • DNA ladder for 50 bps to 2000 bps


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