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Just-a-Tube DNA/RNA Concentrator for Nucleic Acid (RNA or DNA) Concentration and Purification


The Just-a-Tube Concentrator for Nucleic Acid (DNA or RNA) Concentration and Purification is  a novel solution for low concentration DNA or RNA samples. Without using any carrier, such as glycogen or tRNA, the Just-a-Tube Concentrator can achieves the highest recovery from solution even at extremely low concentration of nucleic acids comparing all existing methods on the markets (such as spin column methods). DNA or RNA can be recovered with an over 90% efficiency from extremely diluted solution ( less than 10 ng /ml). The whole procedure is simple and fast. No need of long time incubation at low temperature as in the conventional ethanol precipitation method, no sample trapping loss as used in spin column method.  The Purified and concentrated DNA or RNA are ready  for use in all downstream molecular applications, such as restriction enzyme digestion, SNP analysis, reverse transcription, PCR, qRT-PCR, DNA methylation analysis and  automated sequencing reactions, offering superior data quality and read length.

Why you should use this method: (1) High Product Recovery Efficiency (over 90% product recovery efficiency while other methods have less than 80% product recovery efficiency):  If you don't want to lose your DNA RNA product during concentration and purification process, then you should use a technology with a high product recovery efficiency. (2) Most cost efficiency (the lowest price to concentrate and purify a DNA and RNA sample): If you find any commercial DNA purification kit has a lower price, we guarantee you that we will beat the any competitor's price with a further 15% off any competitor's price (3) Highest Purity: The kit can remove primers, nucleotides and primer dimers with 99.99% efficiency  (4) Fast and easy to perform: Less than 10 minutes to concentrate your samples, Save your time and reduce your efforts!

Feature Highlight

  • Fast to perform: No spin column needed. No long time incubation at low temperature and short spin time. Do not have to wait long time to allow DNA pellet to dissolve (hydration)
  • Easy to handle:  Just add Binding buffer and a quick spin and you can control how concentrated solution you prefer.
  • Reliable quality: No Glycogen or tRNA carrier is required, which may interfere with your downstream applications. Consistent tube-to-tube performance  provides maximum recovery of nucleic acid at high quality without any contamination.

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